In the gold sector, US gold company Newmont Mining ( Merian mine, total resources 8Moz) and the Canadian gold mining company IAMGOLD are active. IAMGOLD's Rosebel Mine has total resources of 14Moz and the Saramacca project contains 4.7 Moz consolidated

The Newly elected Surinamese government has completed its investment laws and the country is now open to foreign investors via privatisation and other forms of cooperation.
Please contact the Honorary Consul for more information on mineral licences and offshore petroleum licences.

Amazone rainforest and eco-tourism
Besides the abundance of natural resources, there is a vast and largely unexplored rainforest filled with eco tourism attractions.
Visa for The Republic of Suriname
As of January 1st 2020, an e-tourist card or an e-visa is required to enter Suriname. The Company VFS Global has been contracted for processing of the visa-applications.

Attention: for visa- applications only use the following website please:
Visitors who are eligible for a tourist card should select "e-tourist card" from the dropdown menu.

Social and Charitable Activities

Donations and support in the field of healthcare, education and other social-economic support for the Republic of Suriname are much appreciated.

The Honorary Consuls’ Association for Suriname
Suriname’s Honorary Consuls have joined forces to explore synergies in their respective business networks and to exchange information with the main objective to facilitate and identify global investment opportunities for Suriname.